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Innovative Entertainment Solutions is a robust, direct-to-fan e-commerce system which offers a range of promotional and commercial options. Web site design, electronic press kits,  newsletters, databases and ticket promotions are just some of the offerings available.

New, ever-evolving technology continues to change the landscape of the entertainment industry in ways that are rapid, dramatic and often unpredictable. As new and established artists look for additional revenue streams, our merchant system offers you the ability to connect directly to your fans increasing your potential to monetize those relationships. Your store will accept all major credit cards ,and our fulfillment center provides a variety of direct shipping options and handles all the logistics. The customer information provided is a simple way to update fans with information about concert dates, new releases and product offerings available on your website. Your IES Facebook store provides a complete online shopping experience for your “band,” “fan” or “business” page. Link your web store to other social networking sites to expand your database of fans and increase your sales.